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Colorful Paints

We connect artists and people looking for artists.

Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association (PPNA) founded the Arts & Artists Inclusion Initiative based on over 30 years of experience working with artists at the Powderhorn Art Fair, Powderhorn Porchfest, and other events. 


Our goal is to make it simple for Artists, and those seeking Artists to connect.  We believe that art heals and improves life for everyone in the community, which is why supporting the arts economy and encouraging the discovery of the arts is so important.

It's Simple...

Artists sign up for our platform, are listed, featured, and promoted.

Businesses (big and small), organizations, and individuals sign up to access the database of artists.

Contact Our Team

Mugs and Bowls
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Ashley Bradford

Events & Community Coordinator

Ashley cultivates AAII's relationship with artists, curates connections, and manages events.

Email Ashley -

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Hannah Kamath

Communications Manager

Hannah heads up all things tech and marketing.  She oversees the database, promotions, and website.

Email Hannah -

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Tabitha Montgomery

Executive Director

Tabitha oversees AAII, cultivates relationships, and manages public relations. 

Email Tabitha -

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