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E. Mark Gross

Visual Arts, Mixed media

(b. 1963), artist, game designer, entrepreneurial-attorney & yogi. I’m a US expat living in the Philippines who’s ❤️ married with wonderful children, other family and friends. My abstract non-representational art derives from a deep part of what moves me. Through color, form & patterns, I strive to bring out a harmony and positivity within each artwork.

And, every now and again, I go a somewhat different direction artistically, through creating in the medium of photography, which for me is a more contemplative and logical-relationship-based process (rather than a more heart-based process).

In both mediums, I seek a symmetry in color, pattern & form - balanced via bold and subtle presentation – as alignments present in a moving way.

And yes, movement is a key part of my art.

I’m often inspired by nature’s colorful phenomena, many of which are in slow flux .... coral reefs, swaying gardens, constellations, the northern, southern & zodiacal lights ........

Ideally, my art subliminally brings the viewer to suspend his or her momentary temporal concerns - and to immerse into a place of zen-like calm positivity.

And because we all like to play, I include my signature in a manner which is game-like.

Can you within each artwork find the embedded E by which I sign?

Enjoy my art at &  And please reach me there to let me know your reactions.

E. Mark Gross

E. Mark Gross

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